What we do

We know running a business is hard work, especially for small businesses. We offer several types of services based on your needs.

Managed IT Services

Stop wasting time battling the technology in your business. Instead let us handle your pc’s, servers and email. With our Managed IT Services you will have an virtual Chief Information Officer that can create an IT roadmap for your technology future and our team of engineers can help with the bumps along the way. [more]

Small Business Services

With our Small Business Services plan you will receive round the clock monitoring and surveillance and both virtual and on-site support. We will make sure you have the right systems in place to keep you running and headache free. [More]

IT Projects

Perhaps you just need help with a big project or two; our professional staff can help you determine what your needs are, what hardware or software will best meet your needs and will implement the plan in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. We won’t sell you something you don’t truly need. [More]

IT Repair Services

Are you having a hard time doing your job? Are computer problems costing you or your employees time, productivity and lost opportunities? Let us help as your IT service provider. Our techs can diagnose and make repairs virtually and on-site quickly. [More]

Disaster Protection Planning

Not having a disaster protection plan is like not having insurance. In today’s climate, with cyber threats as well as dangers from floods, tornado or fires, business’ really can’t afford to skip this vital and necessary piece of the puzzle. We can assess your current systems to determine your risk level. Following the risk assessment, we will make recommendations for how to best protect your company’s unique circumstances and we can create a fail-proof system that will keep you up and running in the event of an emergency.